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Helping Animal Rescues Everywhere

Most rescues don't have the time or resources to get good photos of their animals.

For some animals, they are so cute or young, having a good photo doesn't affect their adoptability, but

many times, wonderful animals are too traumatized by their experiences to put their best foot forward....

....this is where I come in.

I am based in Vancouver WA and have a drive radius of 300 miles, but I will work with rescues anywhere.

I have a variety of options available for rescues, from a 1-day Save Me Session to Monthly and Annual Subscriptions.

Why Enlist a Professional Pet Photographer for Your Rescue?

- A Good Photo Can Save A Life

- Ability to Work With Difficult Subjects

- 24 Hour Turn Around on All Session Photographs

- Free Up Your Staff from Struggling to get a Good Picture

- Can Work In Any Condition - Indoor or Outdoor

- Better Photos Make Your Rescue Look Better

- Every Rescue will Get a Photography Fundraising Event

We Can't Afford A Professional Photographer, Can We?

Many rescues operate on a donation basis with much of their staff working as volunteers.

There's no question that funds are of the utmost importance to a rescue.

Thousands of hours and multiple dollars go into the capture, care and rehabilitation of each animal.

An unflattering photograph can mean the difference between that animal finding a home or not.

When you consider the amount of time an animal spends in a rescue vs the cost of caring for that animal,

sometimes it makes the most sense to invest in a good photo to get that animal a home sooner than later.

What Are the Options?

Depending on your needs, there is a variety of options available for your rescue.


1 Day

- 24 Hour Turnaround

- No Limit on Subjects



- 24 Hour Turnaround

- No Limit on Subjects

- 1 Days Per Month



- 24 Hour Turnaround

- No Limit on Subjects

- 2 Days Per Month


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