I started photography in 2005 after graduating from the USC School of Cinema-Television.  For me, I have always been drawn to the visual language and story telling through images. There are SOOOO many photographers out there in the world today. Everyone has their own idea and style.  When you hire a photographer, you are selecting that person because something about their eye catches yours.  Vision is a language onto itself and many times images can speak volumes. If you are reading this, then I can only assume that something about my photos caught your eye and I'm so thankful for your love, appreciation and interest.

My goal in capturing your pet is not just to take a pretty picture of it, which is a given.  My preferred editing style is natural, rich, vibrant and clean.  I also like to incorporate Black and White images into my galleries depending on how the image speaks to me. I view every pet as an individual sentient being with a personality, little soul, mind and spirit... THATS's what I'm after.  I want when you look at the photos of your pet to clearly see their personality shine through.

Now, all that being said, after hundreds of sessions I have learned that no matter how much planning, organizing, strategizing you do... something will always come out of the blue, especially when you are dealing with pets.  This is why, no matter how you think your pet is acting, trust me, I will get the good shots!  I encourage everyone to stay relaxed and happy.  Your pet will pick up on your demeanor and if you get overly anxious or upset over how your pet is behaving then that will absolutely alter their personality and the photos we receive.  So be chill, stay relaxed and we will work around them... what do I mean?  For example, if we are trying to get a seated shot because I see a beautiful patch of light and need your dog in it, but your dog is not having any sitting at that moment because they are too full of energy, then we will say "ok fine! go run!" and get some action shots of them doing their thing and in a moment when they are tired, we will place them in the beautiful light I wanted them in originally while they catch their breath with big, beautiful smiles!

Pets are a lot like little kids.... you just cannot force them into something without getting a reaction and usually its not the reaction you want.  I WILL get my shots, but we will play their game and compromise on the timing.  In the end, they will be happy, you will be happy and everyone will have had a fantastic time.