Fuzzy Butt Session Experiences are available for you at a number of locations around Vancouver WA.  All of the following locations below are able to provide us with beautiful settings and lighting for a fun and memorable experience.  Below is an image of the location with some photo examples of what you can expect from each location.

Orchards Park

Orchards Park is one of my all time favorite locations, it offers big open green lawns, natural fern & pine forest with trails, some rose gardens and of course some mossy stumps and logs!  If you are uncertain of where to go, this would be my #1 recommendation!  This place is usually very quiet, well groomed and safe. This is an on leash park.

LeRoy Haagen Memorial Community Park

LeRoy Haagen Memorial Community Park is a 29.6 acre beautiful community park in East Vancouver. Its a beautiful location for morning sessions and has plenty of spots where we can be a little more secluded and out of the way for fewer distractions. This is an on leash park.

Officer's Row

Located across from Clark College, this easy access location is a gorgeous spot for us to have our session together. There is a big beautiful lawn, lovely little white gazebo, some wooden fences and tree stumps for interesting settings. Mornings have gorgeous lighting at this location and its a gorgeous setting for fall colors and holiday photos. This is an on leash park.

Clark College

Location near Downtown Vancouver off the 5 fwy, Clark College is a beautiful location that offers plenty of interesting structures and garden settings for a variety of backdrops, including rows of Cherry Blossom trees, planted flower beds and well manicured lawns.  It is best to keep your dog on leash with you at this location if they do not have a good recall for their safety and yours.  This is a prime location for Cherry Blossom season, usually around April. This is an on leash location.

Salmon Creek Greenway Trail

Salmon Creek Greenway Trail features 35 acres of developed parkland and 368 acres of undeveloped green space. It has big open spaces as well as trees and trails.  This park offers water as a background setting, but is not ideal for in the water photos.  Located off the 5 fwy on the west side of Vancouver. This is an on leash location.

Salmon Morgan Creeks Natural Area

Take some easy to moderate trails along soft terrain in a forested area home to some wildlife, mostly birds. The trails weave in and out of each other, dividing into a maze of smaller trails as they lead to creeks. Near the City of Battle Ground, this natural area includes 81 acres of mature forest and open meadow. Two creeks -- Salmon and Morgan -- flow through the property, and the forests include western redcedar, hemlock and fir. You'll be able to hike roughly one-and-a-half miles of trails as you explore the area's diverse greenery, understory, wetlands and creeks, as well as ample opportunities to see wildlife. The trails here can be muddy, so bring boots you don't mind getting a little wet.  Despite being a Natural Area, dogs are allowed on leash.  This is a beautiful forest like setting. This is an on leash location.

Dakota Dog Park

This dog park is 8-acres of flat open fields with a gravel walking trail, located on the north side of Pacific Community Park. It is fully fenced with two double-gated entrances accessible from both parking lots inside the community park. A small dog area is also located near the entrance at NE 164th Ave. This is an enclosed safe off leash location.