Always Do What You Can to Lend a

Helping Hand 

Every year millions of pets are placed into shelters in need of a home.  The first image a potential pawrent views can make or break that pets chance of finding a happy home. Shelter pets are some of the most difficult to get good photos of because many times they are so traumatized that they are unable to be themselves - completely understandable, but not helping their case.  This is why I volunteer my services on a weekly basis for the Oregon Dog Rescue to help them photograph pups available for adoption.  I work with each pet to try and get the best possible photo we can, so that they will be seen for who they are and not for what they have gone through. 


I have also photographed for the Oregon Humane Society, SW WA Humane Society, as well as donate services to help raise funds for many local rescues including Family Dog New Life Shelter, Project Pooch, and Pacific Pug Rescue.

Additionally, I host a number of photoshoot fundraiser events for the Oregon Dog Rescue and other rescues to help the pets in need.  Please check out what events are coming up and bring your fuzzy butt along.  Events can be found on my event page.

In addition, I donate a portion of every one of my watercolor paintings to a non-kill local shelter of the buyers choice.  If you ever wish to check out some of my Watercolor work please visit: