Frequently Asked Questions

How long before the photos are usually ready?

Sessions have an expected turn around time of roughly 14 days, but can be provided sooner if they are ready. It all comes down to the number of shoots I am editing during the time frame when I am working on your photos. If I have available time, then turn around can take as little 4-5 days.

What should I do to prepare myself & my pet?

PREPARING YOURSELF If you are going to join in on the photo fun, then get ready to get low and close to your pet! We will be working from their level most of the time and some of the best moments captured are when you are your pet are just being with each other, laying on the ground and cuddling up. If you are worried about getting dirty, please bring a blanket to lay on. For clothing, I recommend you wear something comfortable that you are able to move around in easily. Long pants or long skirts work best as you will be on the floor for some of the time as well as squatting down and bending over. This session will be more focused on capturing your bond with your pet, so you will be getting dirty, you will be rolling on the floor and keep that in mind when selecting your outfit. PREPARING YOUR PUP A clean puppy is a pretty puppy! A grooming session will help to get your dog looking their best before our photoshoot! I recommend taking them to the groomers anywhere from 2-3 days prior to our session to ensure they are at their fluffiest for our big day! I also am partnered up with an amazing local groomer who will offer you 50% off on your first grooming session! You will receive this Coupon Code and her contact info with the Questionnaire you will receive! If you're dog is extremely energetic or anxious about new areas and locations, I recommend showing up to the shoot location at least 15-20 mins early to allow them time to familiarize to their surroundings and loosen up so we can capture them being themselves! If your pet has a favorite treat or toy, please bring that along as that can be helpful in getting their attention at times, but for the most part, sessions are held from photojournalistic stand point. When it comes to the posed moments, I will find the perfect lighting location for us and guide your pet, or you and your pet, to position yourselves accordingly.

What is a Fuzzy Butt photoshoot like?

Each Fuzzy Butt Session Experience is designed around capturing the personality of your pet and the loving bond you both share with each other, if you wish to be included, which you are highly encouraged to do! We will move at your dogs pace, there will be no stress or tension. I have a series of beautifully outlined poses for you and your pet to share together, as well as many years experience in finding the best lighting in a location and capturing your pet at their pace and allowing their personality to shine through. As long as your pet remains happy, that is the biggest goal to ensure beautiful photographs that you will cherish! So bring some bacon, grab their favorite ball or frisbee and I will have a box of fun squeaky toys as well as an array of strange-yet-oddly-effective sounds and noises of my own to help bring out the most curious, funny, happy and playful side of your pet. This is meant to be a fun and memorable experience for you both to look back on years later and remember the goodtimes with your best friend and the bond you both share together.

How far will you travel for a session?

I am happy to travel anywhere within 30 mins of Vancouver WA. For locations farther, please reach out to find out the travel fee.

My pet isn't very well behaved or is nervous around strangers....

Every animal is different and I have worked with and been surrounded by all kinds of pets ever since I was a little girl. If your pet isn't the most comfortable with new people, then we will plan for that! I can show up early and just hang out with them for a little bit and we can get accustom to one another before we start shooting. Usually within 15-30 mins, most skittish and nervous pets become used to me and end up in my lap getting a bunch of treats, pets and kisses. I never advise on placing pets or people in compromising situations or poses that make any subject uncomfortable or in danger. The goal is to have a safe, fun and realistic shoot with you and your pet! I may have a suggestion or an idea for you or your pet, but if you or your companion aren't feeling it, then no worries! Moving on! There is no shortage of ways in which we can capture absolutely gorgeous photos for you to love and my strength is being able to find these moments and provide them to you.

How does your session fee & gallery packages work?

All Fuzzy Butt Sessions require a $150 non-refundable deposit to book your date. The entire value of your session ($150) will be provided to you in a Coupon Code which you will apply to the Gallery Package of your Choice. There are 3 Gallery Packages to choose from. Each Gallery Package provides a preset amount of Final Polish Edits, high resolution image downloads, as well as store credit which you can use to purchase more high-res images or a high-quality keepsake. Final Polish Edits will provide you with a further photo manipulation for the image, such as leash removal, blemish removal, back ground distraction removals, etc. All the High Resolution Downloads, will come with Print Release Rights, so you can make your own photos for your own personal use through any printer you choose. The Gallery Store Print Company is a Professional Print company that specializes in archival quality photos and products only available for Professional Photographers at an unmatched quality.

Will you photograph other types of pets besides dogs?

Absolutely!! I have experience working with cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, fish, farm animals, birds and more. I am more than happy to capture the personality and beauty of any pet you may have. Please reach out to me with any questions or goals you may have for your photoshoot!

What is the difference between an Basic Edit and a Final Polish Edit?

Great question! BASIC EDIT - Every single one of the images you receive in your gallery will go through an Basic Edit, meaning they will be individually and manually culled, color corrected, composition corrected and have their lighting adjusted for the best image presentation. FINAL POLISH EDITS - Each Gallery Package will come with a present number of Final Polish Edits available for your application. Your DO NOT have to have a final polish edit done on any image if you do not wish, but they are available for your selection. Final Polish edits include more extreme photo manipulations including lease removals, wrinkle softening and blemish removals, background distraction removals, etc. A la carte Final Polish Edits are available upon request at the rate of $25/image and invoice separately at the time of request.