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Who is Jess?

Hello! I have over 20 years of Professional Photography experience working with families, brides, engaged couples, seniors, real estate, food.... but my one true love has and will always be animals, especially family pets.  There is something SO incredibly special about the bonds we build with our pets - a silent truth that is nothing short of true love in its purest form.  My pets are my children, plain and simple.

What is a Fuzzy Butt Session like?

I will have a outline for us to work with, but each pet will define the pace, energy and rhythm of our session. Whatever they bring to the table, I will be right there to help get the best possible photograph of them, spark their interest and frame each moment in a meaningful way.  I will help guide you and your pets through an easy, fun and results proven experience that will provide you with an array of incredible and memorable photographs marking a beautiful afternoon with your pet.  


How Long Have you been a Pet Photographer for?

I actually have numerous albums of photos of my pets starting from when I was 8 years old.  I guess it was always in my DNA, but I loved documenting my pets.  Getting down low on their level, playing with them and watching them interact. It's not easy taking pet pictures, even more so if you want to be in on them. Thats why I'm here for you. I know from first hand experience the deep importance our pets have to us and I want to help you remember yours in a complete and meaningful way.