How Long Have you been a Pet Photographer for?

I started my photography career in 2006 and by 2007 I was focusing on pet portraits, along with weddings, bands, family portraits, real estate, you name it.  My husband and I relocated to the PNW for work and I started Fuzzy Butt Pet Photos in 2017, after my oldest and longest best friend, Bubbas, my husky who is pictured to the right (back when I had long dark hair) passed away.  It was devastating for me and I so cherished the photos I did capture of him, unfortunately, like most pet owners, any that included me with him were cell phone selfies. This drove me nuts because I have the equipment to get good photos, but I didn't have one decent high quality photo of us together. It's not easy taking pet pictures, even more so if you want to be in on them. Thats why I'm here for you! I know from first hand experience the deep importance our pets have to us and I want to help you remember yours in the most complete and beautiful way.

Do you Photograph anything else?

Right now about 75% of my photography business is focused on Pet Photography, while the other 25% focuses on weddings, headshots and family portraits.  Pets are definitely my main passion, which is exactly how I like it!   I volunteer weekly for the Oregon Dog Rescue and help them take photos of their available pups. When I'm not photographing, I'm painting Watercolor Pet Portraits for clients thru my Etsy StoreI absolutely love all the work that I am able to do and take great care to provide all of my clients with the best possible experience.  There is nothing more precious than this very moment, so thank you so much for taking your time to learn more about me and I cannot wait to help you create some beautiful memories with your best friend! 

Who is Jess?

Hello! Excuse me while I get some kisses from my little Marley Bear.  Below you can see Django using me as his personal mattress.  I am Jess and these are my Boopkins.  What can I say? As an enigma trapped within a dream, I find myself recently in love London Fog Jasmine Green Tea Lattes with Rose Flavoring and I pretty much think animals are just about the greatest thing to ever exist in this world, especially the ones we are lucky enough to call "family"

What is your style?

I work a lot with pets, so I guess you could say I'm pretty laid back and know how to go with the flow.  I will have a outline for us to work with, but each pet will define the pace, energy and rhythm of our session. Whatever they bring to the table, I will be right there to help get the best possible photograph of them, spark their interest and frame each moment in a meaningful way.  I will help guide you and your pets through an easy, fun and results proven experience that will provide you with an array of incredible and memorable photographs marking a beautiful afternoon with your pet.  This session is truly going to celebrate your best friend.

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